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Question 1: The American Continental Army was an army formed after the outbreak of the ________ by the colonies that became the United States of America.
American Revolutionary WarNew York and New Jersey campaignAmerican Civil WarSaratoga campaign

Question 2: General ________ was the Commander-in-Chief of the army throughout the war.
Dwight D. EisenhowerUlysses S. GrantGeorge WashingtonAlexander Hamilton

Question 3: This resulted in the Siege of Yorktown, the decisive ________, and the surrender of the British southern army.
Battle of the ChesapeakeSouthern theater of the American Revolutionary WarBattle of Cape HenryAmerican Revolutionary War

Question 4: (The militia troops developed a reputation for being prone to premature retreats, a fact that was integrated into the strategy at the ________.)
Battle of Fishing CreekBattle of CowpensSouthern theater of the American Revolutionary WarBattle of Guilford Court House

Question 5: ________ collapsed, however, the British maintained control over them, as they would into the 1790's.
American Revolutionary WarJeffery Amherst, 1st Baron AmherstFrench and Indian WarFrederick Haldimand

Question 6: Planning for the transition to a peacetime force had begun in April 1783 at the request of a congressional committee chaired by ________.
Alexander HamiltonJohn JayJames MadisonGeorge Washington

Question 7: ________ applied the techniques of wilderness operations perfected by Sullivan's 1779 expedition against the Iroquois.
George WashingtonAlexander HamiltonArthur St. ClairAnthony Wayne

Question 8: Established by a resolution of the Continental Congress on May 10, 1775, it was created to coordinate the military efforts of the ________ in their revolt against the rule of Great Britain.
New EnglandAmerican Civil WarThirteen ColoniesUnited States

Question 9: Most of the Continental Army was disbanded in 1783 after the ________ ended the war.
Peace of Paris (1783)American Revolutionary WarTreaty of Paris (1783)United States

Question 10: The Continental Army was racially integrated, a condition the United States Army would not see again until the ________.
Sino-Soviet border conflictVietnam WarCold WarKorean War


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