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Question 1: Maps of this time though still showed ________ connected to Asia and showed South America as a separate land.
Americas (terminology)North AmericaEuropeAmericas

Question 2: These latter geographers set the border between Europe and Asia at the isthmus between the Black Sea and the ________, and the border between Asia and Africa at the isthmus between the Red Sea and the mouth of Lake Bardawil on the Mediterranean Sea.
Caspian SeaAral SeaArctic OceanIssyk Kul

Question 3: In addition, a number of mythical continents exist: perhaps the most notable is ________, and also Hyperborea, Thule, and Lemuria.
AsiaMu (lost continent)EuropeAtlantis

Question 4: The most notable examples are the Indian subcontinent and the ________.
Middle EastArabian PeninsulaAfricaWestern Asia

Question 5: The craton itself is an accretionary complex of ancient mobile belts (mountain belts) from earlier cycles of subduction, continental collision and break-up from ________ activity.
EarthPlate tectonicsNatureNorth American Plate

Question 6: At this time ________ was a single, continuous continent.
Telecommunications in AustraliaAustralian EnglishMelbourneAustralia (continent)

Question 7: Later it was viewed as running from the Black Sea through Kerch Strait, the Sea of Azov and along the Don River (known then as the Tanais) in ________.
Russian cultureUnited StatesRussiaMoscow

Question 8: Other islands such as ________ were joined to the mainlands of their continents.
United KingdomScotlandGreat BritainEngland

Question 9: From the 19th century some people used the term "________" to avoid ambiguity with the United States of America.
Americas (terminology)AmericasSouth AmericaNorth America

Question 10: In recent years there has been a push for Europe and Asia together to be considered a single continent, dubbed "________".
EurasiaAfricaNorth AmericaSouth America


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