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Question 1: Prescriptions for contact lenses and ________ may be similar, but are not interchangeable.
GlassesOpticsLens (optics)Sunglasses

Question 2: One specific research topic of interest is how microbes such as ________ invade the eye and cause infection.
Pathogenic bacteriaPseudomonas aeruginosaEscherichia coliHelicobacter pylori

Question 3: The lathe is equipped with an industrial grade ________ as the cutting tool.

Question 4: Long-term wear of rigid contact lens is associated with decreased ________ density[38] and increased number of epithelial Langerhans cells.
Corneal keratocyteGlial cellAdipocyteMicroglia

Question 5: The practitioner or contact lens fitter typically determines an individual's suitability for contact lenses during an ________.
Eye examinationWeber testNeurological examinationRinne test

Question 6: A contact lens neutralizes this mismatch and allows for correct focusing of light onto the ________.
Iris dilator muscleScleraRetinaCiliary muscle

Question 7: To counteract minor contamination of the product and kill microorganisms on the contact lens, some products may contain preservatives such as thiomersal, ________, benzyl alcohol, and other compounds.
Benzalkonium chlorideEDTAEthanolAcetone

Question 8: A ________-impregnated lens case has been developed which helps to eradicate any potentially contaminating microbes that come in contact with the lens case.

Question 9: Preservative-free products usually have shorter ________.
BacteriaFoodShelf lifeFoodborne illness

Question 10: Before touching the contact lens or one's eyes, it is important to thoroughly wash & rinse hands with a soap that does not contain moisturizers or ________ such as fragrances.
AllergenCell-mediated immunityAutoimmunityImmune system

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