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Question 1: A contact breaker (or "points") is a type of electrical switch, and the term typically refers to the switching device found in the distributor of the ________ of spark-ignition internal combustion engines.
ThrottleCarburetorNaturally-aspirated engineIgnition system

Question 2: This causes a very large voltage to appear at the coil output for a short period - enough to arc across the electrodes of a ________.
Spark plugNaturally-aspirated engineCarburetorIgnition system

Question 3: The plate's position can also be moved a small distance using a small ________-operated servomechanism, providing advanced timing when the engine is required to speed up on demand.
Manifold (automotive)ThrottleCarburetorManifold vacuum

Question 4: As well as suppressing arcing, it helps boost the coil output by creating a resonant ________ with the coil windings.
RL circuitLC circuitRC circuitRLC circuit

Question 5: The contact breaker is usually mounted on a plate that is able to rotate relative to the ________ operating it.
Oil pump (internal combustion engine)Spark plugCamshaftManifold (automotive)

Question 6: These effects can largely be overcome using electronic ignition systems, where the contact breakers are retrofitted by a magnetic (________) or optical sensor device.
Magnetic fieldElectric currentElectric chargeHall effect

Question 7: This latter effect is largely prevented by placing a ________ parallel across the contact breaker - this is usually referred to by the more old fashioned term condenser by mechanics.
CapacitorInductorCapacitanceElectronic component

Question 8: The plate is rotated by a centrifugal mechanism, thus advancing the ________ (making the spark occur earlier) at higher revolutions.
CarburetorIgnition timingThrottleIgnition system


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