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Question 1: Current theories investigate the role of economic and cultural factors in constraining consumption (________), as development of an approach that sees consumers as 'victims' of producers and their social situation.
Pierre BourdieuSociologySocial structureCritical theory

Question 2: Studying consumption can be done through traditional survey methods, or various ________ techniques.
SociologySocial anthropologyAnthropologyEthnography

Question 3: Likewise, consumption can be measured by a variety of different metrics such as ________ in energy economics .

Question 4: ________ try to understand the consumption of media products such as television and video games.
SociologyMarxismMedia studiesCommunication studies

Question 5: ________ is interested in the role of material goods in culture (e.g.
Critical theorySociologyMarxismCultural studies

Question 6: ________ of consumption has moved well beyond Thorstein Veblen's early work on conspicuous consumption.
Social structureSociologySystems theoryTalcott Parsons

Question 7: ________ studies highlight the importance of women as consumers, and particularly the role of the domestic arena in consumption.
Gender equalityWomen's rightsWomen's suffrageFeminism

Question 8: Mackay) ________ is an important influence on contemporary studies, as consumption is central to contemporary culture[1].
Jürgen HabermasCritical theoryTheodor W. AdornoPositivism


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