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Question 1: The same happened in some cities in France, especially in the Mediterranean south, e.g., ________, Limoges.

Question 2: The Consulate of ________ (from 26 May 1821, under the Senate of the Peloponnese) had a single head of state, styled consul, 28 March 1821 – 26 May 1821: Stamatellos Antonopoulos
Myloi, ArgolisErmioniArgosNafplion

Question 3: 27 November – 12 December 1798: occupation by the ________
Charles III of SpainKingdom of NaplesKingdom of SicilyNapoleonic Wars

Question 4: In 1799, revolutionary ________ enacted a constitution that conferred supreme executive powers upon three officials that bore the title Consul as chief magistracy of the republic.
CanadaItalyFranceUnited Kingdom

Question 5: The city-state of ________, unlike ancient Rome, bestowed the title of Consul on various state officials, not necessarily restricted to the highest.

Question 6: This institution, with its name, was eventually emulated by other powers and eventually led to the modern meaning of consul — see ________.
JapanConsul (representative)IstanbulUnited Kingdom

Question 7: ________
Campaign history of the Roman militaryOutline of ancient RomeTimeline of ancient RomeRoman Empire

Question 8: ________ (similar modern position in San Marino's government)
Swiss Federal CouncilList of Captains Regent of San MarinoPresident of CyprusPresident of Transnistria

Question 9: Among the many petty local republics that were formed during the first year of the ________, prior to the creation of a unified Provisional Government at the First National Assembly at Epidaurus, were:
Greek War of IndependenceBackground of the Greek War of IndependenceBattle of NavarinoOttoman Greece

Question 10: In republican cities in Italy, the chief magistrates had the title of Consul; thus there have been governments lead by consuls in ________, Novara (with one Maggiore as head of state), Trani, Treviso.

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