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Question 1: The painter and designer Lyubov Popova designed a kind of Constructivist ________ dress before her early death in 1924, the plans for which were published in the journal LEF.
Modern girlJoan CrawfordFlapperOlive Thomas

Question 2: ________ - theatre director (1874-1940)
Anton ChekhovVsevolod MeyerholdConstantin StanislavskiSymbolism (arts)

Question 3: ________- filmmaker (1898-1948)
¡Que viva México!Ivan the Terrible (film)Bezhin MeadowSergei Eisenstein

Question 4: The poet-artist ________ and Rodchenko worked together and called themselves "advertising constructors".
RussiaVladimir MayakovskyBoris PasternakJoseph Stalin

Question 5: Meanwhile LEF produced an architectural offshoot, the OSA group led by Alexander Vesnin and Moisei Ginzburg - for more information see ________.
New Objectivity (architecture)Expressionist architectureConstructivism (art)Constructivist architecture

Question 6: These theories were tested in the theatre, particularly in the work of ________, who had set up what he called 'October in the theatre'.
Constantin StanislavskiAnton ChekhovVsevolod MeyerholdSymbolism (arts)

Question 7: Constructivism as an active force lasted until around 1934, having a great deal of effect on developments in the art of the Weimar Republic and elsewhere, before being replaced by ________.
StalinismSocialist realismEastern BlocJoseph Stalin

Question 8: Meyerhold developed a 'biomechanical' acting style, which was influenced both by the circus and by the 'scientific management' theories of ________.
Alex OlmedoFrederick Winslow TaylorTony RocheKen Rosewall

Question 9: A striking instance was the proposed festival for the ________ congress in 1921 by Alexander Vesnin and Liubov Popova, which resembled the constructions of the OBMOKhU exhibition as well as their work for the theatre.
CommunismCominternLeft communismMarxism

Question 10: ________ - architect (1901-1990)
Vladimir LeninBerthold LubetkinRussiaNaum Gabo


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