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Question 1: A legislature that tries to pass a law that would contradict the constitution, without first going through the proper ________ process.
SwitzerlandUnited StatesConstitutional amendmentCanada

Question 2: An act (or statute) enacted as ________ either by a national legislature or by the legislature of a subordinate level of government (such as a state or province) may be declared unconstitutional.
Scots lawLawXeerSharia

Question 3: A constitutional violation is thus somewhat different from the breaking of a normal ________, both in terms of seriousness and punishment.
Scots lawShariaXeerLaw

Question 4: Much debate often surrounds controversial laws enacted by state legislatures and the ________ regarding the laws' constitutionality.
111th United States CongressUnited States SenateUnited States Congress110th United States Congress

Question 5: ________;[1] the status of a law, a procedure, or an act's accordance with the laws or guidelines set forth in the applicable constitution.
DemocracyConstitutionUnited KingdomEngland

Question 6: In many jurisdictions the ________ or constitutional court is the final legal arbiter that renders an opinion on whether a law or an action of a government official is constitutional.
United StatesCommon lawScots lawSupreme court

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