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Question 1: Most commonly, constitutional crises involve some degree of conflict between different ________ (e.g., executive, legislature, and/or judiciary), or between different levels of government in a federal system (e.g., state and federal governments).
DemocracySeparation of powers under the United States ConstitutionUnited KingdomSeparation of powers

Question 2: Peruvian Constitutional Crisis of 1992: President ________, with the support of the armed forces, dissolved the Congress after it rejected his proposal for stronger action againstShining Path and MRTA.
Valentín PaniaguaAlberto FujimoriAlan GarcíaAlejandro Toledo

Question 3: Soon, Balliol and the Scottish nobility revolted, leading to the ________.
Wars of Scottish IndependenceSecond War of Scottish IndependenceScotlandHistory of Scotland

Question 4: The Easter Crisis of 1920, when King Christian X of ________ dismissed the country's cabinet.

Question 5: The controversy over the wartime conduct of Leopold III, which culminated in his ________ in 1951.
CoronationAbdicationRegentCharles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 6: The Break with Rome, when King Henry VIII repudiated papal authority and created himself Supreme Head of the ________.
Archbishop of CanterburyBishop of LincolnArchbishop of YorkChurch of England

Question 7: Supreme Court Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah clashed repeatedly with Prime Minister ________ in late 1997, accusing him of undermining the court's independence.
Rahimuddin KhanNawaz SharifMuhammad Zia-ul-HaqBaloch insurgency and Rahimuddin's stabilization

Question 8: The flight of King James II / VII from the country left no king in his place to rule England or Scotland or to summon a ________.
ParliamentParliamentary systemUnicameralismBicameralism

Question 9: The dissolution of the union between Sweden and ________ in 1905.
NorwayUnited StatesPolandGermany

Question 10: A constitutional crisis is distinct from a rebellion, which is defined as when factions outside of a government challenge that government's sovereignty, as in a ________ or revolution led by the military or civilian protesters.
WarChemical warfareCoup d'étatSiege


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