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Constitution of the Soviet Union: Quiz


Question 1: Soviet constitutions declared certain political rights, such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and ________.
IslamFreedom of religionState religionReligious toleration

Question 2: These provisions declared the leadership of the working class and, in the latter two, the leading role of the ________ in government and society.
Communist Party of the Soviet UnionMarxismEast GermanyCommunism

Question 3: The ________ alone reserved the authority to determine what lay in the interests of Communism.
Post-CommunismEast GermanyCommunist Party of the Soviet UnionMarxism

Question 4: Thus, the population enjoyed political rights only to the extent that these rights did not conflict with the goal of building ________.
CommunismMarxismSocialismCommunist state

Question 5: In particular, the Soviet Constitution of 1936 guaranteed direct universal suffrage with the ________.
Secret ballotElections by countryElectoral fraudUnited States

Question 6: Historian ________ described this system as
Great PurgeThe Great TerrorRobert ConquestJoseph Stalin

Question 7: According to communist ideologists, the Soviet political system was a true democracy, where workers' councils called "soviets" represented the will of the ________.
Middle classWorking classSocial classUpper class

Question 8: The Soviet Union was governed by three versions of its ________, modelled after the 1918 Constitution established by the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic (RSFSR), the immediate predecessor of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
LawConstitutionDemocracyUnited Kingdom


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