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Constitution of the Republic of Korea: Quiz


Question 1: Based on the European model, it is a specialized court that determines the Constitutionality of laws, disputes between governmental entities, Constitutional complaints filed by individuals, ________, and dissolution of political parties.
ImpeachmentUnited StatesPardonUnited States Senate

Question 2: Workers have the right to independent association, ________, and collective action.
Labour lawTrade unionCollective bargainingEmployment

Question 3: President ________ changed to the cabinet system.
Lech WałęsaMikhail GorbachevAnwar El SadatKim Dae-jung

Question 4: It also provided for elections for supreme court justices and provincial governors, as well as ________-based individual rights.
Thomas AquinasGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel KantNatural law

Question 5: The ________ of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) is its basic law.
United KingdomEnglandDemocracyConstitution

Question 6: The 1948 Constitution was first amended in 1952 ahead of President ________'s re-election, providing for direct presidential elections and a bicameral legislature.
Syngman RheeHarry S. TrumanKim Il-sungJohn F. Kennedy

Question 7: ________
Sunshine Policy
Administrative divisions
Human rights
Foreign relations
Kim Jong-ilKim Il-sungNorth KoreaKorean reunification

Question 8: In 1919, the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea promulgated a constitution of Korea, but it was ineffective in ________.
Korea under Japanese ruleSouth KoreaNorth KoreaJoseon Dynasty


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