Constitution of the Philippines: Quiz

Question 1: On October 16-17 1976, majority of citizen assemblies approved that ________ should be continued and ratified the amendments to the Constitution proposed by President Marcos.
IsraelPakistanUnited StatesMartial law

Question 2: A later meeting of the revolutionary government established there, held on November 1, 1897 at Biak-na-Bato in the town of San Miguel de Mayumo in ________, established the Republic of Biak-na-Bato.
Valenzuela CityMalolos CityManilaBulacan

Question 3: In mid-1942 Japanese Premier ________ had promised the Filipinos "the honor of independence" which meant that the commission would be supplanted by a formal republic.
Sadao ArakiAxis powersTaisei YokusankaiHideki Tōjō

Question 4: [11] As such, the Philippines was under the jurisdiction of the federal government of the ________ during this period.
AlaskaGermanyUnited StatesCanada

Question 5: The President is also recognized as the ________ of the armed forces (Section 18, Article VII).
Commander-in-chiefFranceNicolas SarkozyGermany

Question 6: The 1943 Constitution remained in force in Japanese-controlled areas of the Philippines, but was never recognized as legitimate or binding by the governments of the United States or of the ________ and guerrilla organizations loyal to them.
Manuel RoxasHistory of the PhilippinesCommonwealth of the PhilippinesManila

Question 7: In any case, the 1935 Constitution was suspended in 1972 with Marcos' proclamation of ________, the rampant corruption of the constitutional process providing him with one of his major premises for doing so.
Martial lawUnited StatesIsraelPakistan

Question 8: On that same day, Aquino, the other government officials, and the ________ pledged allegiance to the Constitution.
Armed Forces of the PhilippinesForeign relations of the PhilippinesPolitics of the PhilippinesLanguages of the Philippines

Question 9: The Philippines was a ________ from December 10, 1898 to March 24, 1934.
United States territoryHawaiiU.S. stateKansas

Question 10: The 1943 Constitution was drafted by a committee appointed by the Philippine Executive Commission, the body established by the Japanese to administer the Philippines in lieu of the ________ which had established a government-in-exile.
Manuel RoxasHistory of the PhilippinesCommonwealth of the PhilippinesManila

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