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Constituent country: Quiz


Question 1: The word ________ does not necessarily connote political independence, so it may, according to context, be used to refer both to the United Kingdom and to England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
Dependent territoryCountryAmerican SamoaBritish Virgin Islands

Question 2: Historically, ________ (between 1801 and 1921) and subsequently for a brief period, Southern Ireland (between 1921 and 1922) were what could be regarded today as constituent countries.
Irish peopleIrelandNorthern IrelandWales

Question 3: While England, Scotland and Wales are long-established countries, Northern Ireland came into being in 1921, and is also referred to as a ________[7] or region[8] of the United Kingdom.

Question 4: Two thirds of modern Wales was once known as the ________, and Wales today is still occasionally called a 'principality', or 'the Principality'.
Kingdom of GwyneddPrincipality of WalesHistory of Gwynedd during the High Middle AgesLlywelyn the Great

Question 5: A constituent country is a ________ that is part of a larger entity, such as a sovereign state or supranational body.
EnglandScotlandCountryUnited Kingdom

Question 6: European institutions such as the ________ sometimes use the expression in reference to the sovereign member states of the European Union.
Council of EuropeKyoto ProtocolEuropean integrationFederal Europe

Question 7: the Socialist Republics of the former ________;[1] and
Josip Broz TitoBosnia and HerzegovinaYugoslaviaSerbia

Question 8: This will result in two new constituent countries, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, with ________ and the rest of the Antilles joining the Netherlands proper.
BonaireArubaSabaNetherlands Antilles

Question 9: The ________ is an example of a body that has used the phrase constituent countries, notably in reference to:
ItalyNATOOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentUnited Kingdom

Question 10: In 2004, the French overseas collectivity of French Polynesia was designated an overseas country giving it the highest degree of autonomy of all overseas dependencies of ________.
ItalyUnited KingdomCanadaFrance


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