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Constanze Mozart: Quiz


Question 1: During the period of the couple's courtship, Mozart began making visits to Baron ________, who let him examine his extensive collection of manuscripts of work by Bach and Handel.
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartGottfried van SwietenGesellschaft der AssociiertenJoseph Haydn

Question 2: [15] Selby (1999) states that Constanze could not have traveled to visit Maximillian Keller during the period when the photograph was taken, as she suffered from crippling ________ at the time.

Question 3: [2] While Mozart was in Paris, Aloysia obtained a position as a singer in ________, and the family accompanied her there.

Question 4: She rejected Mozart when he passed through Munich on his way back to ________.

Question 5: She sent Karl and Franz to ________ to be educated by Franz Xaver Niemetschek, with whom she collaborated on the first full-length biography of Mozart.

Question 6: From 1810 to 1820 they lived in ________, and subsequently travelled throughout Europe, especially Germany and Italy.

Question 7: During Constanze's last years in ________, she had the company of her two surviving sisters, Aloysia and Sophie, also widows, who moved to Salzburg and lived out their lives there.

Question 8: The picture was supposedly taken in Altötting in ________ in 1840.

Question 9: Her father, Fridolin Weber, worked as a "bass, prompter and copyist."[1 ] His half-brother was the father of composer ________.
Carl Maria von WeberHector BerliozFelix MendelssohnFranz Schubert

Question 10: During most of Constanze's upbringing, the family lived in her mother's hometown ________, an important musical center of the time.


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