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Constantine I and Christianity: Quiz


Question 1: [1] Whatever the case, Constantine's endorsement of the tradition was a turning point for ________.
Biblical canonEast–West SchismEarly ChristianityCrusades

Question 2: The accession of Constantine was a turning point for the Christian Church, generally considered the beginning of ________.
Christianity by countryChristianityChristendomEast–West Schism

Question 3: Under his rule, Christianity rose to become the dominant religion in the Roman Empire, and for his example of a "Christian monarch" Constantine is revered as a saint in the ________ and Oriental Orthodox Church.
East–West SchismCatholic ChurchEastern ChristianityOrthodox Church

Question 4: In 344 came the martyrdom of ________ Shimun bar Sabbae, with five bishops and 100 priests.
CatholicosIndian (Malankara) Orthodox ChurchChaldean Catholic ChurchSyriac Orthodox Church

Question 5: The most widespread of these was the Great Persecution (303–11) of ________.
GaleriusMaximianDiocletianConstantine I

Question 6: Christian sources record that Constantine experienced a dramatic event in 312 at the ________, after which Constantine would claim the emperorship in the West.
Battle of the Milvian BridgeBattle of ChrysopolisConstantine IMaxentius

Question 7: The other is the commemoration of the ________ on August 29.
CrusadesOrthodox ChurchBeheading of St. John the BaptistPope John Paul II

Question 8: [22] With the exception of a short period of eclipse, Eusebius enjoyed the complete confidence both of Constantine and ________ and was the tutor of the later Emperor Julian the Apostate.
Valentinian IDiocletianConstantius IIConstantine I

Question 9: The emperor is not only considered an example of a "Christian monarch" and bestowed with the distinction of isapostolos or "equal to the Apostles", he is associated, albeit in retrospect, with the idea of a "Second Rome" – the ________.
Western Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine EmpireByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 10: Nicaea however was to deal mostly with the ________ controversy.
Germanic ChristianityFranksArianismGothic Christianity

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