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Question 1: Yazid reached as far as ________ and took the important Byzantine center Amorion.
ChalcedonIstanbulConstantinopleEast–West Schism

Question 2: The Arabs withdrew, and were almost simultaneously defeated on land in Lycia in ________.
AnatoliaTurkeyIstanbulTurkish people

Question 3: Constantine IV (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Δ', Kōnstantinos IV, Latin: Constantinus), (652–685); sometimes incorrectly called Pogonatos, "the Bearded", by confusion with his father[1]; was ________ from 668 to 685.
Concise list of Roman EmperorsList of Roman EmperorsList of Byzantine emperorsRoman Emperor

Question 4: He had been named a co-emperor with his father ________ in 654, and became senior emperor when Constans was assassinated in 668.
Constantine IVJustinian IHeracliusConstans II

Question 5: As early as 668 the ________ Muawiyah I sent an army under his son Yazid against the Eastern Roman Empire.
IslamMuslim historyCaliphateCaliph

Question 6: The first task before the new emperor was the suppression of the military revolt in ________ which had led to his father's death.

Question 7: Although the city was quickly recovered, the ________ next attacked Carthage and Sicily in 669.
SyriaIraqArab peoplePalestinian people


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