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Question 1:
Who is Constantine I's spouse?
Minervina, died or divorced before 307
Tressa di Figlia
donna Taddea dei marchesi di Barbiano di Chieri
Maria Valguarnera di Niscemi

Question 2:
How is Constantine I described?
Roman Emperor
Former King-Emperor of the British Empire
German Emperor
Holy Roman Emperor from 1220 until 1250

Question 3:
Where was Constantine I born?

Question 4:
When did Constantine I die?

Question 5: [169] Unlike his predecessors, Constantine neglected to make the trip to the ________ and perform customary sacrifices at the Temple of Jupiter.
Capitoline HillQuirinal HillPalazzo Farnese, RomeRome

Question 6: ________, for example, edited praise of Crispus out of later copies of his Historia Ecclesiastica, and his Vita Constantini contains no mention of Fausta or Crispus at all.
Development of the New Testament canonTimeline of ChristianityEusebius of CaesareaEarly Christianity

Question 7: [32] Maximian ruled in the West, from his capitals at Mediolanum (Milan, Italy) or Augusta Treverorum (Trier, ________), while Diocletian ruled in the East, from Nicomedia (Ä°zmit, Turkey).

Question 8: [263] The 15th century philologist ________ proved the document was indeed a forgery.
Lorenzo VallaCatholic ChurchRenaissancePope Eugene IV

Question 9:
Who of the following was a child of Constantine I?

Question 10:

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