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Question 1: With the eastern frontier under less pressure, in 658 Constans defeated the Slavs in the ________, temporarily reasserting some notion of Byzantine rule over them.
Western EuropeEuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 2: [3] Caliph Uthman was preparing to attack ________, but did not carry out the plan when civil war between the future Sunni and Shi'a factions broke out among them in 656.
Hagia SophiaByzantine navyByzantine EmpireConstantinople

Question 3: Constans attempted to steer a middle line in the church dispute between Orthodoxy and Monothelitism, by refusing to persecute either and prohibiting further discussion of the natures of Jesus ________ by decree in 648.
ChristHoly SpiritGospelNew Testament

Question 4: He also was the last emperor to become consul in 642[1][2], becoming the last ________ in history.
Roman consulRoman EmperorRoman KingdomAncient Rome

Question 5: The situation was complicated by the violent opposition to Monothelitism by the clergy in the west, and the related rebellion of the Exarch of ________, Gregory.

Question 6: A Byzantine fleet under the admiral Manuel occupied ________ again in 645, but after a Muslim victory the following year this had to be abandoned.
Ancient GreeceAlexander the GreatAlexandriaGreece

Question 7: A major Arab offensive into ________ and Isauria in 650–651 forced the emperor to enter into negotiations with Caliph Uthman's governor of Syria, Muawiyah.

Question 8: The latter fell in battle against the army of Caliph Uthman and the region remained a vassal state under ________, until the civil war broke out and the imperial rule was again restored.
IslamShariaMuslim historyCaliphate

Question 9: However, the latter resisted and Constans withdrew to ________.

Question 10: In 663 Constans visited ________ for 12 days—no emperor having set foot in Rome for two centuries—and was received with great honor by Pope Vitalian (657–672).


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