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Question 1: Heydrich arrives for the conference in his ________ aircraft, an overhead shot of the aircraft shows it with swastika markings on the upper surfaces of both wings.
Junkers Ju 87Fieseler Fi 156Dornier Do 17Junkers Ju 52

Question 2: For more details on the real-life participants, see the ________ article.
The HolocaustAdolf HitlerWannsee ConferenceHeinrich Himmler

Question 3: Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, deputy head of the ________
Nazi architectureAlbert SpeerReich ChancelleryAdolf Hitler

Question 4: Wilhelm Stuckart, a lawyer representing the Interior Ministry and co-author of the anti-semitic ________
Nuremberg LawsAdolf HitlerHolocaust (resources)The Holocaust

Question 5: Karl Eberhard Schöngarth; SD officer assigned to the ________ of Poland.
Generalplan OstHans FrankGeneral GovernmentReichskommissariat Ukraine

Question 6: Rudolf Lange; Commander of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) in ________.

Question 7: Stanley Tucci — SS-Obersturmbannführer ________; Head of RSHA Department IV B4.
Adolf EichmannWalter RauffJohn DemjanjukAlois Brunner

Question 8: Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger; Deputy Head, ________.
Reich ChancelleryAlbert SpeerAdolf HitlerNazi architecture

Question 9: Martin Luther, ________ liaison to the SS
MontenegroAzerbaijanCyprusForeign minister

Question 10: It is quickly established by those present that there is a significant "Jewish problem", in that the Jews of ________ cannot be efficiently contained, nor can they be forced onto other countries.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeEuropeBalkans

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