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Consortium: Quiz


Question 1: An example of a non-profit consortium is the Appalachian College Association located in ________.
Madison County, KentuckyRockcastle County, KentuckyBerea, KentuckyRichmond, Kentucky

Question 2: Six research universities in the region (________, University of North Carolina, University of Tennessee, West Virginia University, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech) are affiliated with the ACA.
Patterson School of Diplomacy and International CommerceUniversity of KentuckyKentucky WildcatsUniversity of Louisville

Question 3: Another example of a successful consortium is the Five Colleges of Ohio of Ohio: Oberlin College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Kenyon College, ________ and Denison University.
College of WoosterMacalester CollegeDavidson CollegeAlma College

Question 4: This type of loan is more commonly known as a ________.
Syndicated loanCentral bankFinanceCredit (finance)

Question 5: Consortium is a ________ word, meaning 'partnership, association or society' and derives from consors 'partner', itself from con- 'together' and sors 'fate', meaning owner of means or comrade.
Roman EmpireVulgar LatinOld LatinLatin

Question 6: Five Colleges, Inc. is one of the oldest and most successful educational consortia in the ________.
AlaskaCanadaPhilippinesUnited States

Question 7: are: ________, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Amherst CollegeWilliams CollegePomona CollegeWesleyan University

Question 8: The association consists of 36 private liberal arts colleges and universities spread across the central Appalachian mountains in ________, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Question 9: Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, the company that built the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in the 1970s, initially was a consortium of ________, ARCO, ConocoPhillips, Exxon, Mobil, Unocal, and Koch Alaska Pipeline Company.
Royal Dutch ShellSainsbury'sBPHSBC

Question 10: In England it is common for a consortium to buy out financially struggling football clubs in order to keep them out of ________.
LiquidationFloating chargeUnfair preferenceLiquidator (law)


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