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Question 1:   (Full proposal text was included in post-meeting distribution; see ________ for summary.)
Programming languageProgramming paradigmFortranC (programming language)

Question 2: Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY: X3J3: ANSI ________ Standards Committee.
FortranC (programming language)Programming paradigmProgramming language

Question 3: In ________ and related disciplines, considered harmful is a phrase popularly used in the titles of diatribes and other critical essays (there are at least 65 such works[1]).
Programming paradigmComputer scienceComputer programmingSoftware engineering

Question 4: He cites the headline over a letter published August 12, 1949 in ________: "Rent Control Controversy / Enacting Now of Hasty Legislation Considered Harmful".
The New York TimesThe Boston GlobeInternational Herald TribuneThe New York Times Company

Question 5: Some variants with replacement ________ (considered silly, etc.) have been noted in hacker jargon.
AdverbPreposition and postpositionAdjectiveNoun


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