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Question 1:
Where was Presidency of Ronald Reagan born?
Beltsville, Maryland,
Willkischken,, Memelland
Tampico, Illinois, United States
New York, USA

Question 2: ________ has a special place in its ideology and the party believes that ancient Hindu culture and values will make India a more enlightened society.
Sangh ParivarHindu nationalismHindutvaVinayak Damodar Savarkar

Question 3: Its five main branches are ________, paleolibertarianism, neolibertarianism, small government conservatism and Christian libertarianism.
Anarcho-capitalismPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthAnarchismConstitutionalism

Question 4:
Where was Ronald Reagan born?
Tampico, Illinois, USA
Urbana, Illinois
Oak Park, Illinois

Question 5:
When is John Malkovich's birthday?

Question 6: [31] Today, its success story is known as the "________", a role model for many developing countries.
South KoreaSamsung GroupSeoulMiracle on the Han River

Question 7: Robert Peel was able to reconcile the new industrial class to the Tory landed class by persuading the latter to accept the repeal of the ________ in 1846.
United Kingdom legislationCorn LawsSix ActsIrish Coercion Act

Question 8: This movement was based heavily on the ideas of ________ and was described in the West by the scholar Joseph Fewsmith.
Adam SmithEdmund BurkeJames BoswellSamuel Johnson

Question 9: They form the bulk of the European People's Party faction in the ________.
European CommissionEuropean UnionEuropean ParliamentBarroso Commission

Question 10: As a young man, he was influenced by the romantic movement and ________, and developed a devastating critique of industrialism.
Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesMedievalismLate Middle Ages

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