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Consecrated life (Catholic Church): Quiz


Question 1: St Pachomius, a near contemporary of St Antony the Great, recognized that some monks needed the guidance and rhythm of a community (________).

Question 2: It comprises the life in the religious institutes and secular institutes, as well as the life of the consecrated hermits, consecrated virgins and consecrated widows/widowers, and is regulated in canons 573-746 of The Code of ________ 1983.
Natural lawCanon law (Catholic Church)Canon lawRoman law

Question 3: ________'s Institute of the Oratory, the Daughters of Charity of St.
John Henry NewmanPope Paul VPhilip NeriCatholic Church

Question 4: The Rule of St Benedict is followed by a variety of orders of monks in the West, including the Benedictines, Cistercians, Trappists, and Camaldolese, and is an important influence in ________ life.
Dominican OrderCarthusianCatholic religious orderDiscalced Carmelites

Question 5: Benedictines take the analogous Benedictine vow as laid down in the ________ (ch.
Order of Saint BenedictBenedict of NursiaRule of Saint BenedictChristian monasticism

Question 6: Canons 603 and 604 of the section on the Consecrated Life in the ________ give official recognition also to Consecrated Hermits and Consecrated Virgins who are not members of religious institutes (see below).
Catholic Church hierarchyEastern Catholic ChurchesCanon law (Catholic Church)History of the Catholic Church

Question 7: They include, among others, Caritas Christi, The Grail, and the ________ Secular Institute.
ItalySpainUnited StatesServite Order

Question 8: The next major development in religious institutes occurred in the wake of the ________.
Protestant ReformationEast–West SchismCounter-ReformationCrusades

Question 9: A ________ (Greek: monachos, Latin: monachus) is a person that leads the "monastic life" in a "monastery".
ShramanaMonkNunHouseholder (Buddhism)


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