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Conquest: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Capt. d'Ornano the movie Conquest?
Lothaire Bluteau
H.B. Warner
Alan Marshal
Alan Marshal

Question 2:
Who played Countess Marie Walewska the movie Conquest?
Jenna Jameson
Greta Garbo
Tara Fitzgerald
Greta Garbo

Question 3:
What role did Conrado San Martín play in the movie Conquest?
Count Anastas Walewski
Pincer Bedier
Glenn Boychuk

Question 4:
What role did Lothaire Bluteau play in the movie Conquest?
William Holden
Pincer Bedier

Question 5:
What role did Alex Sanders play in the movie Conquest?
Dr. Gerry
Donald Overton

Question 6:
What role did Dame May Whitty play in the movie Conquest?
Grace Gallagher
Rachel Thorne
Laetitia Bonaparte
Countess Marie Walewska

Question 7:
What role did Daniel MacDonald play in the movie Conquest?
Erwin Boychuk
William Holden
Capt. d'Ornano

Question 8:
What role did Kia play in the movie Conquest?
Grace Gallagher
Sacrificial Victim
Island girl #2
Countess Marie Walewska

Question 9:
Who played James Farnham the movie Conquest?
Daniel MacDonald
H.B. Warner
Charles Boyer
Conrado San Martín

Question 10:
Who played Anna - Rachel's friend the movie Conquest?
Dame May Whitty
Shayla LaVeaux
Greta Garbo
Monique Mercure


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