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Question 1: This definition is equivalent to the topological one, as applied to graphs, but it is easier to deal with in the context of ________.
Graph theoryClique problemGraph coloringGraph (mathematics)

Question 2: Thus, a ________ and a disk are each simply connected, while a torus is not.

Question 3: Thus, manifolds, ________, and graphs are all called connected if they are connected as topological spaces, and their components are the topological components.
General linear groupLorentz groupLie groupGroup (mathematics)

Question 4: In ________, connectedness is used to refer to various properties meaning, in some sense, "all one piece".
Set theoryGeometryMathematical logicMathematics

Question 5: For example, in graph theory, a ________ is one from which we must remove at least one vertex to create a disconnected graph.
Graph (mathematics)Tree (graph theory)Connectivity (graph theory)Cayley graph

Question 6: While terminology varies, ________ forms of connectedness-related properties often include the term connectivity.
NounPreposition and postpositionAdjectiveArticle (grammar)

Question 7: Here, the connectivity describes the number of neighbors accessible from a single ________:

Question 8: A topological space is said to be connected if it is not the union of two disjoint nonempty ________.
Open setTopologyClosed setMetric space


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