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Conjunctiva: Quiz


Question 1:
Conjunctiva supplies nerves to which organ?

Question 2: [1] It also contributes to immune surveillance and helps to prevent the entrance of ________ into the eye.

Question 3: It helps lubricate the ________ by producing mucus and tears, although a smaller volume of tears than the lacrimal gland.
BrainSensory systemNervous systemEye

Question 4: Disorders of the conjunctiva and ________ are a common source of eye complaints.
RetinaScleraCorneaIris (anatomy)

Question 5: The conjunctiva is a clear mucous membrane consisting of cells and underlying basement membrane that covers the sclera (white part of the ________) and lines the inside of the eyelids.
Sensory systemBrainNervous systemEye

Question 6: Conjunctival irritation is one of the adverse health effects that can take place after overexposure to VOCs (________).
ChlorofluorocarbonBenzeneGreenhouse gasVolatile organic compound

Question 7: The surface of the eye is exposed to various external influences and is especially suspectible to trauma, infections, chemical irritation, and ________.
HypersensitivityAnaphylaxisAllergyGraft-versus-host disease

Question 8: The conjunctiva is best known because of its inflamed state, ________ (more commonly known as pinkeye).


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