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Conjugate variables: Quiz


Question 1: A more precise mathematical definition, in the context of ________, is given in the article canonical coordinates.
MomentumHamiltonian mechanicsEnergyForce

Question 2: ________ and energy - as energy and frequency in quantum mechanics are directly proportional to each other.
TimeIslamic calendarGeologic time scaleGregorian calendar

Question 3: ________ and frequency: the longer a musical note is sustained, the more precisely we know its frequency (but it spans more time).
Gregorian calendarTimeGeologic time scaleIslamic calendar

Question 4: In physics, conjugate variables are pair of variables mathematically defined in such a way that they become ________ duals of one-another, or more generally are related through Pontryagin duality.
Fourier analysisConvolutionHilbert spaceFourier transform

Question 5: In mathematical terms, conjugate variables are part of a symplectic basis, and the uncertainty principle corresponds to the ________.
Vector spaceMatrix (mathematics)Symplectic matrixSymplectic vector space

Question 6: The duality relations lead naturally to an uncertainty (________) relation between them.
Quantum mechanicsUncertainty principleIntroduction to quantum mechanicsWave–particle duality

Question 7: Position and ________: a precise definition of position leads to ambiguity of momentum, and vice versa.
ForceClassical mechanicsMomentumEnergy


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