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Congressional power of enforcement: Quiz


Question 1: This ruling has not been overturned, however, in modern times, similar civil rights legislation has been upheld under Congress's power to regulate ________ under Article One, Section 8 of the Constitution.
Dormant Commerce ClauseCommerce ClauseDue processEqual Protection Clause

Question 2: In 1970, however, in Oregon v. Mitchell, the Court held that Congress had exceeded its power by attempting to require the states to reduce the ________ to 18.
CyprusPhilippinesFranceVoting age

Question 3: In that case, the Supreme Court, applying the congruent-and-proportional Boerne test, overturned provisions of the ________ (VAWA), which criminalized gender-based violence.
FeminaziViolent Crime Control and Law Enforcement ActViolence Against Women ActJoe Biden

Question 4: But see Tennessee v. Lane and ________.
Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama v. GarrettSupreme Court of the United StatesKimel v. Florida Board of RegentsNevada Department of Human Resources v. Hibbs

Question 5: On that basis, the Court upheld a provision of the Voting Rights Act that prevented states from using ________ literacy tests as qualifications for voting.
CanadaEnglish languageAmerican EnglishSouth Africa

Question 6: See ________.
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban ActCivil Rights Act of 1964Matthew Shepard ActU.S. history of alcohol minimum purchase age by state

Question 7: A Congressional power of enforcement is included in a number of amendments to the ________.
United States ConstitutionElectoral College (United States)United States CongressContinental Association

Question 8: ________, decided in 2000, is one controversial successor case.
William RehnquistGonzales v. RaichUnited States v. MorrisonStates' rights

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