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Question 1: Norway was transferred from Denmark to the king of Sweden, this sparked the nationalist movement which led to the establishment of the ________ on May 17, 1814.
NorwayPolandGermanyUnited States

Question 2: These states were formed into a loose German Confederation under the leadership of Prussia and ________.
HungaryCzech RepublicPolandAustria

Question 3: Charles Pictet de Rochemont from ________ played a prominent role.

Question 4: Partial settlements had already occurred at the Treaty of Paris between France and the ________, and the Treaty of Kiel which covered issues raised regarding Scandinavia.
War of the Sixth CoalitionPolish‚ÄďAustrian WarGreat Northern WarWar of the Fourth Coalition

Question 5: modern-day Belgium) were united in a constitutional monarchy, with the ________ providing the king.
House of NassauHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of Orange-NassauHouse of Bourbon

Question 6: ________, ceded to Denmark a year earlier, was ceded to Prussia.
SzczecinPomerania during the Early Modern AgeGreifswaldSwedish Pomerania

Question 7: Prussia, the "fifth" power, was represented by Prince ________, the Chancellor, and the diplomat and scholar Wilhelm von Humboldt.
Botho zu EulenburgAdolf Heinrich von Arnim-BoitzenburgTheobald von Bethmann-HollwegKarl August von Hardenberg

Question 8: The King of Sardinia was restored in Piedmont, Nice, and Savoy, and was given control of ________ (putting an end to the brief proclamation of a restored Republic).

Question 9: Sweden and ________ ‚Äď Count Carl L√∂wenhielm
GermanyNorwayUnited StatesPoland

Question 10: Under the Treaty of Paris, Britain obtained the protectorate over the United States of the Ionian Islands and the ________.

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