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Question 1: The territory of the Polish Kingdom roughly corresponds to the Lublin, Łódź, Masovia and Świętokrzyskie ________.
Politics of PolandVoivodeships of PolandLeft and DemocratsAdministrative division of the People's Republic of Poland

Question 2: In 1819 Alexander I abolished freedom of the press and introduced preventory ________.
Political censorshipEuphemismInternet censorshipCensorship

Question 3: ________ is translated as "viceroy of Poland or f Warsaw.
Spanish EmpirePortugalAudienciaViceroy

Question 4: On January 16, 1816 the administrative division was reformed from the departments of the ________ into the more traditionally Polish voivodeships, obwóds and powiats.
Free City of Danzig (Napoleonic)Napoleonic WarsFirst French EmpireDuchy of Warsaw

Question 5: The Kingdom of Poland largely re-emerged as a result of the efforts of ________,[8] a Pole who aimed to resurrect the Polish state in alliance with Russia.
Ioannis KapodistriasAdam Jerzy CzartoryskiFyodor RostopchinAleksey Lobanov-Rostovsky

Question 6: The namestnik exercised broad powers and could nominate candidates for most senior government posts (ministers, senators, judges of the High Tribunal, councilors of state, referendaries, as well as bishops and ________).
Pope John Paul IIBishop (Catholic Church)Catholic Church hierarchyArchbishop

Question 7: Certainly from 1815 to 1831 the Congress Kingdom's military was controled by ________, who de facto had more power then the namestnik, Józef Zajączek.
Alexander I of RussiaAlexander II of RussiaGrand Duke Constantine Pavlovich of RussiaNicholas I of Russia

Question 8: [5] Very soon after ________ resolutions were signed, Russia ceased to respect them.
PrussiaNapoleonic WarsHundred DaysCongress of Vienna

Question 9: The office of namestnik was never officially abolished; however, after the ________ it disappeared.
January UprisingNovember UprisingKościuszko UprisingBar Confederation

Question 10: In 1863 the ________ broke out, but was crushed by 1865.
November UprisingKościuszko UprisingJanuary UprisingBar Confederation


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