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Congregation for the Causes of Saints: Quiz


Question 1: Urban II, ________, and Eugenius III followed this line of action.
Pope Gregory VIIPope Callixtus IIPope Innocent IIPope Paschal II

Question 2: After preparing a case, including the approval of ________, the case is presented to the pope, who decides whether or not to proceed with beatification or canonization.

Question 3: Andrew Kiernan, played by ________, identifies himself as an investigator for the congregation by saying, "I am a priest, but I'm also an investigator.
Martin SheenGabriel ByrneBrendan GleesonDavid Duchovny

Question 4: ________, as can be shown from the very ancient Mass-book known as "Missale Francorum", were objects of a like cultus in the same century.
AmbroseBonaventureHilary of PoitiersBasil of Caesarea

Question 5: The steps for the recognition of the ________ follow the new rules laid down in 1983 by the apostolic constitution, Divinus perfectionis Magister.

Question 6: ________, as is gathered plainly from the oldest Breviaries and the Mozarabic Missal,[7] and St.
EuropeSt. Martin's DayMartin of ToursHungary

Question 7: The Congregation for the Causes of Saints (Congregatio de Causis Sanctorum) is the congregation of the ________ which oversees the complex process that leads to the canonization of saints, passing through the steps of a declaration of "heroic virtues" and beatification.
Roman CuriaCatholicismPopeCatholic Church

Question 8: It explains, also, almost the universal veneration very quickly paid to some martyrs, e.g., St. Lawrence, ________, Pope St. Sixtus of Rome.
Catholic ChurchCyprianTimeline of the Catholic ChurchHistory of the Catholic Church

Question 9: The current Prefect is Angelo Amato, while the current secretary (appointed 5 May 2007) is Archbishop Michele Di Ruberto, who takes over from Archbishop Edward Nowak who was appointed as Assessore of the Equestrian ________.
Order of the Holy SepulchreCatholic ChurchHistory of the Catholic ChurchPope Benedict XVI

Question 10: The predecessor of the congregation was the Sacred Congregation for Rites, founded by ________ on 22 January 1588 in the Bull Immensa Aeterni Dei.
Pope Pius IXPope Alexander VIPope Eugene IVPope Sixtus V


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