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Congenital hypothyroidism: Quiz


Question 1: Few treatments in the practice of ________ provide as large a benefit for as small an effort.
PhysicianMedicineSpecialty (medicine)Surgery

Question 2: Among specific defects are thyrotropin (TSH) resistance, iodine trapping defect, organification defect, ________, and iodotyrosine deiodinase deficiency.

Question 3: One Japanese study found a statistical correlation between certain organochlorine ________ and dioxin-like chemicals in the milk of mothers who had given birth to infants with congenital hypothyroidism.

Question 4: Because the treatment is simple, effective, and inexpensive, nearly all of the developed world practices ________ to detect and treat congenital hypothyroidism in the first weeks of life.
PhenylketonuriaNewborn screeningOrganic acidemiaGlutaric aciduria type 1

Question 5: Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) is a condition of thyroid ________ deficiency present at birth.
HormoneEndocrine systemProgesteroneTestosterone

Question 6: Persistence of severe, untreated hypothyroidism resulted in severe mental impairment, with an ________ below 80 in the majority.
Intelligence quotientRace and intelligenceHealth and intelligenceIntelligence

Question 7: Around the world, the most common cause of congenital hypothyroidism is ________ deficiency, but in most of the developed world and areas of adequate environmental iodine, cases are due to a combination of known and unknown causes.

Question 8: If untreated for several months after birth, severe congenital hypothyroidism can lead to growth failure and permanent ________.
Alzheimer's diseaseSchizophreniaMental disorderMental retardation


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