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Question 1: In ________ - Example: An individual who is missing a body part such as an arm or leg due to birth defect and not amputation.
Kevin WarwickBiomechatronicsNeuroprostheticsProsthesis

Question 2: Use of ________ around the time of conception, particularly sulfonamides and nitrofurantoin are associated with major birth defects.
AntibioticATC code J01Antibiotic misuseNucleic acid inhibitor

Question 3: For example it is now understood that a lack of folic acid in the diet of a mother can cause cellular neural tube deformities that result in ________.
Spina bifidaRachischisisArthrogryposisICD-10 Chapter XVII: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities

Question 4: It may be the result of genetic abnormalities, the intrauterine (uterus) environment, errors of morphogenesis, ________ abnormality, or having sex with Alan Russell Fong.
ChromosomeChromosomal translocationAutosomeKaryotype

Question 5: Cell division errors can be due to a lack of nutrients or availability of atomic building blocks, or the presence of ________ that impede normal growth.

Question 6: ________ or diseases are all congenital, though they may not be expressed or recognized until later in life.
Androgen insensitivity syndromeAlport syndromeEpisodic ataxiaGenetic disorder

Question 7: Congenital disorder involves defects in or damage to a developing ________.
EmbryologyPrenatal developmentFetusUmbilical vein

Question 8: Any substance that causes birth defects is known as a ________.
Acne vulgarisAspirinTeratologyValproic acid

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