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Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan: Quiz


Question 1: Large portions of the text are strikingly similar to the Kitab al-Magall (part of ________), as well as to a Syriac work entitled The Cave of Treasures.
Saint PeterJohn the BaptistClementine literatureSimon Magus

Question 2: After seducing the Sethites, their offspring become the ________, the "mighty men" of Gen.
Biblical canonNephilimJubileesBible

Question 3: 6 who are all destroyed in the deluge, as also detailed in other works such as ________ and Jubilees.
Book of GenesisBook of Daniel2 EsdrasBook of Enoch

Question 4: Great emphasis is placed in Book 1 on Adam's sorrow and helplessness in the world outside the ________.
Bagh (garden)GardenGarden designGardening

Question 5: The Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan is a ________ pseudepigraphical work found in Ge'ez, translated from an Arabic original and thought to date from the 5th or 6th century AD.
JesusChristianCatholic ChurchChristianity

Question 6: Books 3 and 4 continue with the lives of Noah, Shem, ________, etc.

Question 7: through to the destruction of Jerusalem by ________ in AD 70.

Question 8: Books 1 and 2 begin immediately after the expulsion from the ________, and end with the testament and translation of Enoch.
ParadiseGarden of EdenHeavenJannah

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