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Question 1: [53] ________'s Kristin Dos Santos exclaimed "hot damn!" in response to the scene where 815 is found in the Sunda Trench.
Fox News ChannelCNBC AsiaE!Turner Classic Movies (Asia)

Question 2: Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Staples Lewis, which is an homage to the author ________, best known for The Chronicles of Narnia and various books about Christianity.
Mere ChristianityThe Great DivorceC. S. LewisThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Question 3: The narrative begins on December 21, 2004, ninety-one days after the crash of ________ Flight 815.
Dharma InitiativeLost: Missing PiecesOceanic AirlinesLost (TV series)

Question 4: John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) leads his group to the Barracks and begins to find out why ________ (Michael Emerson) is afraid of the island's latest arrivals.
Lost (TV series)Ben LinusLost (season 5)Lost (season 3)

Question 5: [20] It was falsely rumored that ________ was offered the role of Charlotte;[21] Bell had actually spoken to the producers about having a part, however, no role was offered to her.
Lost (TV series)Kristen BellVeronica MarsHeroes (TV series)

Question 6: The episode marks the first appearance of main characters ________ (played by Ken Leung) and Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader) and supporting character Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey).
Lost (TV series)Miles StraumeLost (season 4)Confirmed Dead

Question 7: After finding out that Juliet Burke (________) is one of the Others, Miles demands to know where Ben is, as locating him is the freighter crew's primary objective.
Lost (TV series)CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationElizabeth MitchellER (TV series)

Question 8: [42] In the ________, Lost was watched by 1.2 million viewers—a greater audience than that of the season premiere.
CanadaUnited KingdomEnglandWales

Question 9: Finally, ________ (Marsha Thomason) is shown in a posthumous flashback, criticizing her employer Matthew Abaddon (Lance Reddick) for his choice in her co-workers.
Lost (season 5)Lost (season 6)Lost (TV series)Characters of Lost

Question 10: [59] In contrast, ________'s Michael Ausiello of said that it "was thirty-one flavors of awesome … [however] the negatives outweighed the positives".
Smithsonian (magazine)TV GuideSeventeen (magazine)Better Homes and Gardens (magazine)


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