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Question 1: The ________ movement in the Protestant Church developed in the late Weimar period.
Prussian Union (Evangelical Christian Church)NazismGerman ChristiansConfessing Church

Question 2: This had been one goal of the German Christians for some time, as such a centralization would enhance the coordination of Church and State, as a part of the overall Nazi process of ________.
GleichschaltungSturmabteilungNazismNazi Party

Question 3: the de-emphasis of the ________ in Protestant theology, and the removal of parts deemed "too Jewish"
Biblical canonBiblical apocryphaBibleOld Testament

Question 4: With the end of ________ and the resulting political and social turmoil, the regional churches lost their secular rulers.
Caucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWorld War IWestern Front (World War I)

Question 5: Some urged the need for more radical and risky resistance action in light of Nazi ________.
RacismEthnic cleansingRacial segregationGenocide

Question 6: While Niemöller survived, not all did: Dietrich Bonhoeffer was sent initially to Tegel Prison, then to ________, and finally to Flossenbürg concentration camp, where he was hanged.
Auschwitz concentration campThe HolocaustBuchenwald concentration campNazi concentration camps

Question 7: This federal system allowed for a great deal of regional autonomy in the governance of German Protestantism, as it allowed for a national church ________ that served as a forum for discussion and that endeavored to resolve theological and organizational conflicts.
UnicameralismBicameralismParliamentary systemParliament

Question 8: There would be no state churches any longer, but the churches remained ________ and retained their subsidies from government.
Statutory corporationGovernment agencyGovernment-owned corporationPublic company

Question 9: With revolutionary fervor in the air, the conservative church leaders had to contend with socialists (________ (SPD) and Independent Social Democrats (USPD)) who favored disestablishment.
Socialist InternationalMarxismDemocratic socialismSocial democracy

Question 10: Hitler sought to defuse the situation by lifting the ________ of Wurm and Meiser, leading the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, in the fall of 1934.
PakistanHouse arrestAugusto PinochetChiang Kai-shek

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