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Cone cell: Quiz


Question 1: [2] The inner segment contains ________ and the cell's nucleus, while the outer segment, which is pointed toward the back of the eye, contains the light-absorbing materials.
OrganelleMitochondrionCell (biology)Chloroplast

Question 2: Cones are less sensitive to light than the ________ in the retina (which support vision at low light levels), but allow the perception of color.
Amacrine cellRod cellPhotoreceptor cellCone cell

Question 3: Cone cells are somewhat shorter than rods, but wider and tapered, and are much less numerous than rods in most parts of the retina, but greatly outnumber rods in the ________.
Photoreceptor cellSensory systemCiliary muscleFovea centralis in macula

Question 4: Photopigments exist as ________ within these disks, which provide more surface area for light to affect the pigments.
Transmembrane proteinPeripheral membrane proteinIntegral membrane proteinMembrane receptor

Question 5: At lower light levels, where only the ________ function, the sensitivity is greatest at a blueish-green wavelength.
Rod cellPhotoreceptor cellCone cellAmacrine cell

Question 6: They are typically 40-50 µm long, and their diameter varies from .50 to 4.0 µm, being smallest and most tightly packed at the center of the eye at the ________.
RetinaFovea centralis in maculaCiliary musclePhotoreceptor cell

Question 7: (1990) indicating an average closer to 4.5 million cone cells and 90 million ________ in the human retina.
Rod cellPhotoreceptor cellPhotosensitive ganglion cellAmacrine cell

Question 8: Being ________ can change this, and there have been reports of people with four or more types of cones, giving them tetrachromatic vision.
Color blindnessMonochromacyRetinitis pigmentosaAchromatopsia

Question 9: The inner and outer segments are connected by a ________.

Question 10: Cone cells, or cones, are photoreceptor cells in the retina of the ________ that function best in relatively bright light.
EyeBrainSensory systemNervous system


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