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Question 1: [8] Such a lack of ________ in aggressive individuals may be a consequence of a failure to be aroused by the distress of others.

Question 2: Some scholars have proposed that lack of empathy and ________ (callous disregard for the welfare of others) is an important risk factor for conduct disorder.
EmotionDaniel BatsonEmpathic concernJean Decety

Question 3: After the age of 18, a conduct disorder may develop into ________, which is related to psychopathy.
Borderline personality disorderPassive–aggressive behaviorNarcissistic personality disorderAntisocial personality disorder

Question 4: The youth were tested with fMRI while looking at video clips in which people endured ________ accidentally, such as when a heavy bowl was dropped on their hands, and intentionally, such as when a person stepped on another's foot.
NociceptorChronic painPainPain management

Question 5: Conduct disorder is a psychiatric category marked by a pattern of repetitive behavior wherein the rights of others or ________ are violated.
Norm (sociology)SociologyDeviance (sociology)Criminology

Question 6: Symptoms include verbal and physical ________, cruel behavior toward people and pets, destructive behavior, lying, truancy, vandalism, and stealing.
TestosteroneAggressionEstradiolMajor urinary proteins

Question 7: A closely linked behavior is ________.
Political crimeBlue-collar crimeJuvenile delinquencyPublic order crime

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