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Concussion: Quiz


Question 1: In both animals and humans, MTBI can alter the brain's physiology for hours to weeks, setting into motion a variety of ________ events.
PathologyInfectious diseaseInfectionDisease

Question 2: For example, post-concussion symptoms such as cognitive problems may be misattributed to brain injury when they are in fact due to ________ (PTSD).
Bipolar disorderAnxiety disorderMajor depressive disorderPosttraumatic stress disorder

Question 3: Up to five percent of ________ are concussions.
Australian rules footballRugby leagueSports injuryAmerican football

Question 4: [13] ________ such as ibuprofen can be taken for the headaches that frequently occur after concussion,[6] but paracetamol (acetaminophen) is preferred to minimize the risk for complications such as intracranial hemorrhage.
StimulantNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugAnalgesicDissociative

Question 5: [6] Repeated concussions can cause cumulative brain damage such as ________ or severe complications such as second-impact syndrome.
Brain herniationDementia pugilisticaTraumatic brain injuryDiffuse axonal injury

Question 6: [31] ________, or a ringing in the ears, is also commonly reported.
Hearing impairmentTinnitusSensorineural hearing lossMénière's disease

Question 7: Cognitive symptoms include confusion, disorientation, and difficulty focusing ________.
Cognitive psychologyAttentionExecutive functionsMemory

Question 8: Chronic ________ is an example of the cumulative damage that can occur as the result of multiple concussions or less severe blows to the head.
Alzheimer's diseaseHepatic encephalopathyEncephalopathyIntracranial pressure

Question 9: This depolarization in turn causes ion pumps that serve to restore ________ within cells to work more than they normally do.
Membrane potentialResting potentialGoldman equationAction potential

Question 10: Included in the cascade of events unleashed in the brain by concussion is impaired neurotransmission, loss of regulation of ________, deregulation of energy use and cellular metabolism, and a reduction in cerebral blood flow.
IonElectrolyteHalf cellLithium-ion battery

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