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Question 1: Some of these logics, such as linear temporal logic and ________, allow assertions to be made about the sequences of states that a concurrent system can pass through.
Mu calculusFirst-order logicComputation tree logicWell-formed formula

Question 2: (Other concurrency systems, e.g., ________ can be modeled in the Actor model using a two-phase commit protocol.
Communicating sequential processesActor modelActor model and process calculiProcess calculus

Question 3: In ________, concurrency is a property of systems in which several computations are executing simultaneously, and potentially interacting with each other.
Programming paradigmComputer programmingSoftware engineeringComputer science

Question 4: A number of mathematical models have been developed for general concurrent computation including Petri nets, process calculi, the synchronous model and the ________.
Actor modelObject-oriented programmingParallel computingCarl Hewitt

Question 5: Concurrent use of shared resources can be a source of indeterminacy leading to issues such as ________, and starvation.
Lock (computer science)DeadlockDistributed computingCommitment ordering

Question 6: Various types of ________[8] can be used to help reason about concurrent systems.
Fuzzy logicTemporal logicFirst-order logicModal logic

Question 7: One of the first proposals was Carl Adam Petri's seminal work on ________ in the early 1960s.
Concurrency (computer science)Actor modelMatrix (mathematics)Petri net

Question 8: ________, e.g., Linda
Tuple spaceObject-oriented programmingJava (software platform)Ken Arnold


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