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Question 1: ________, later queen of Connacht, is the first.
Cú ChulainnConchobar mac NessaMedbUlster Cycle

Question 2: In the earliest, Ness, daughter of Eochaid Sálbuide, the then king of Ulster, asks the ________ Cathbad what it is an auspicious time for.
Celtic polytheismCeltic mythologyDruidCelts

Question 3: The blood from the wound baptises him as a ________, and his soul goes to heaven.
EcumenismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity

Question 4: Deichtine is the mother of Cúchulainn, by either her mortal husband Sualtam or the god ________.
Manannán mac LirLughMachaThe Morrígan

Question 5: [9] Findchóem marries the poet Amergin, and they have a son, ________.
Ulster CycleCú ChulainnConall CernachIrish mythology

Question 6: Cúchulainn fights a series of ________ against Connacht champions, hoping to give the Ulstermen time to recover and take the field.
DuelLouisianaUnited StatesHawaii

Question 7: Conchobar[1] mac Nessa (son of Ness) is the king of Ulster in the Ulster Cycle of ________.
The MorríganLughIrish mythologyManannán mac Lir

Question 8: He sends word to ________, who is raising tribute in the Scottish islands, and he raises a great fleet of the Ulaid's allies in Scandinavia and the Faroe Islands and brings them home to Ulster.
Conall CernachIrish mythologyUlster CycleCú Chulainn

Question 9: He rules from Emain Macha (Navan Fort, near ________).
County ArmaghLurganArmaghTandragee


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