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Question 1: ________ Concerto: Arnold, Arutiunian, Jolivet, Perry, G. Williams, J. Williams, Zimmermann.
TromboneBrass instrumentCornetTrumpet

Question 2:
What role did Aldo Giovagnoli play in the movie Concerto?
Liquor Store Owner
Ray Lorentz

Question 3:
Who played 5 the movie Concerto?
Massimo Macri
Angelo Branduardi
Trevor Long
Luigi Cappelletto

Question 4: The concertos of Robert Schumann, Carl Reinecke, ________, and Julius Klengel focus on the lyrical qualities of the instrument.
Hans von BülowJenő HubayDavid PopperFranz Liszt

Question 5:
Who played Niña dela Torre the movie Concerto?
Meryll Soriano
Iluminada Medrano
Laura Koffman
Meryll Soriano

Question 6: The concertos of the sons of ________ are perhaps the best links between those of the Baroque period and those of Mozart.
Baroque musicFugueJohann Sebastian BachJohann Pachelbel

Question 7: Several passages have leanings towards ________, as manifested in Austrian serenades.
Electric folkFolk musicPete SeegerWoody Guthrie

Question 8:
What role did David Zayas play in the movie Concerto?
Joselito dela Torre
Ray Lorentz

Question 9: The keyboard concerts became more and more important when evolving from harpsichord, to ________, and in the end to the the modern piano.
Historically informed performanceGottfried SilbermannJohann Andreas SteinFortepiano

Question 10:
What role did Iluminada Medrano play in the movie Concerto?
Niña dela Torre
Doring Angeles


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