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Conceptual blending: Quiz


Question 1: One of the key claims of this field of study, particularly as developed by ________ theorists, is that human imagination plays a crucial role in cognitive processes and in what it is to be human.
Embodied cognitionGeorge LakoffCognitive scienceConceptual metaphor

Question 2: It is also related to Cognitive architecture theories like Soar and ________, and to frame-based theories of Marvin Minsky, Jaime Carbonell among others.
Carnegie Mellon UniversityCognitive scienceACT-RCognitive psychology

Question 3: Conventional Models of Time and Their Extensions in Science Fiction A master's thesis exploring conceptual blending in ________.
FutureCausalitySpacetimeTime travel

Question 4: Their theory is partially based on basic ideas advanced by ________ in his 1987 book Women, Fire and Dangerous Things and in Lakoff's coauthored 1980 book with Mark Johnson Metaphors We Live By.
Where Mathematics Comes FromEmbodied cognitionGeorge LakoffCognitive science


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