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Question 1: pdf file of An Anthology of Chance Operations (1963) containing ________'s "Concept Art" essay at UbuWeb
Noise (music)Henry FlyntConceptual artFluxus

Question 2: 1963: George Brecht's collection of Event-Scores, Water Yam, is published as the first Fluxkit by ________.
George MaciunasFluxusWater Yam (artist's book)John Cage

Question 3: led by cultural tsars such as the Tate's Sir ________."[21] Massow was consequently forced to resign.
Nicholas SerotaTurner PrizeNorman Reid (museum director)Tate Modern

Question 4: Marcel Broodthaers and ________ are amongst the designated 'artworks'.
Giorgio BassaniGiovanni Battista AngiolettiItalo CalvinoPrimo Levi

Question 5: At the end of the year, the Culture Minister, ________ (an art school graduate) denounced the Turner Prize as "cold, mechanical, conceptual bullshit".
Kim HowellsUnited KingdomTony BlairGordon Brown

Question 6: According to Greenberg ________ followed a process of progressive reduction and refinement toward the goal of defining the absolutely essential, formal nature of each medium.
Modern artWestern paintingAbstract expressionism20th century Western painting

Question 7: 1957: ________, Aerostatic Sculpture (Paris).
Yves KleinZone de Sensibilité Picturale ImmatérielleNouveau réalismeArman

Question 8: Joseph Kosuth dates the concept of ________ in the year 1965.
Conceptual artOne and Three ChairsGeorge BrechtFluxus

Question 9: The properties were mostly in Harlem and the ________, were decrepit and poorly maintained, and represented the largest concentration of real estate in those areas under the control of a single group.
East Village, ManhattanBoweryManhattanLower East Side

Question 10: 1961: Robert Rauschenberg sent a telegram to the ________ which said: 'This is a portrait of Iris Clert if I say so.' as his contribution to an exhibition of portraits.
Yves KleinIris Clert GalleryAlbert CamusArman

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