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Concept map: Quiz


Question 1: Enhancing ________ (learning to learn, and thinking about knowledge)
AwarenessMetacognitionArtificial intelligenceIntelligence

Question 2: A concept map is a diagram showing the relationships among ________.
Gilbert RyleConceptHenri BergsonGottfried Leibniz

Question 3: The technique for visualizing these relationships among different ________ is called "Concept mapping".
ConceptHenri BergsonGottfried LeibnizGilbert Ryle

Question 4: A concept map is a way of representing relations between ________, images or words, in the same way that a sentence diagram represents the grammar of a sentence, a road map represents the locations of highways and towns, and a circuit diagram represents the workings of an electrical appliance.
Gottfried LeibnizMartin HeideggerRené DescartesIdea

Question 5: The technique of concept mapping was developed by Joseph D. Novak[6] and his research team at ________ in the 1970s as a means of representing the emerging science knowledge of students.
Cornell UniversityRutgers UniversityBrown UniversityColumbia University

Question 6: They are graphical tools for organizing and representing ________.

Question 7: An industry standard that implements formal rules for designing at least a subset of such diagrams is the ________ (UML).
C++Unified Modeling LanguageC Sharp (programming language)EXPRESS (data modeling language)


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