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Question 1: The vicinity is seismically active, with much of Concepción destroyed by a violent earthquake in ________.

Question 2: info)) is a city in ________, capital of Concepción Province and of the Biobío Region or Region VIII.

Question 3: ________ is also played at a high professional level.
BasketballIce hockeyNational Basketball AssociationOlympic Games

Question 4: ________, currently in the top division, Liga Chilena de Fútbol: Primera División
C.F. Universidad de ChileClub Deportivo Universidad de ConcepciónClub Deportivo HuachipatoColo-Colo

Question 5: The first Intendant of Concepción was the Irishman Ambrose O'Higgins, Marquis of Osorno, who later became ________ and Viceroy of Peru.
Alonso de RiberaHistory of ChilePedro de ValdiviaRoyal Governor of Chile

Question 6: Concepción was founded by ________[FN 1] in 1550 north of the Bío-Bío River, at the site which is today known as Penco.
Alonso García de RamónFrancisco de VillagraPedro de ValdiviaRodrigo de Quiroga

Question 7: Concepción was used as the point of entry by the Spanish Army in the attempt by the ________ to re-conquer Chile.
Inca EmpireSpanish conquest of the Inca EmpireHistory of PeruViceroyalty of Peru

Question 8: It became the headquarters of the military forces engaged against the ________ in Araucanía over the next two centuries, growing to a population of 10,000 despite a siege in 1564 and other attacks by the Mapuche.
Paleo-IndiansInca EmpireMapuchePre-Columbian era

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