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Question 1: [13] It is the now well-known ________ brand that formed part of the computer science revolution during this time.
General ElectricHewlett-PackardIBMIntel Corporation

Question 2: Despite its short history as a formal academic discipline, computer science has made a number of fundamental contributions to ________ and society.
Scientific methodSocial sciencesSciencePseudoscience

Question 3: The practical aspects of computer programming are often referred to as ________.
Software designSoftware engineeringSystems engineeringRequirements analysis

Question 4: Scientific computing enabled advanced study of the mind, and mapping of the human genome became possible with the ________.
GeneticsDNAChimpanzee genome projectHuman Genome Project

Question 5: The start of the "digital revolution," which includes the current Information Age and the ________.
E-mailInternetInternet Relay ChatWorld Wide Web

Question 6: [1][2][3] It is frequently described as the systematic study of ________ processes that create, describe, and transform information.
AlgorithmAlan TuringLogicAlgorithm characterizations

Question 7: Computer science at the ________
Jim BarksdaleOpen Directory ProjectTime WarnerLife (magazine)

Question 8: The study of the ________ is focused on answering fundamental questions about what can be computed and what amount of resources are required to perform those computations.
Mathematical logicMathematicsSet theoryTheory of computation

Question 9: [4][11] The first computer science degree program in the United States was formed at ________ in 1962.
Michigan State UniversityPurdue UniversityOhio State UniversityIndiana University (Bloomington)

Question 10: It all started with the grandfather of computer science and artificial intelligence, ________, who proposed the Turing Test for the purpose of answering the ultimate question...
Alan TuringHilary PutnamBertrand RussellAlfred North Whitehead


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