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Computer-generated imagery: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is used to make computer-generated imagery for movies, etc.
Blender (software)3D computer graphics softwareComparison of 3D computer graphics softwareAutodesk 3ds Max

Question 2: In the 2004 film ________, designers had to design forces of extreme weather with the help of video references and accurate meteorological facts.
Independence Day (film)The Day After Tomorrow2012 (film)10,000 BC (film)

Question 3: ________ (1979) used raster wire-frame model rendering to depict a black hole.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954 film)Star Trek: The Motion PictureStar Wars Episode IV: A New HopeThe Black Hole

Question 4: Some commentators have suggested this may be partly because the lead CGI characters had facial features which fell into the ________.
Tin ToyAndroid scienceUncanny valleyRobotics

Question 5: CGI for films is usually rendered at about 1.4–6 ________.
Display resolutionColor Graphics AdapterRGB color modelPixel

Question 6: It marked Hollywood’s transition from ________ and conventional optical effects to digital techniques.
Stop motionAnimeGo motionClay animation

Question 7: ________—computer-generated images and voices of human beings
Dustin HoffmanF. Murray AbrahamAl PacinoVirtual actor

Question 8: Ray tracing—one of many ________ used to create (primarily) offline-rendered CGI frames
LogicAlgorithm characterizationsAlan TuringAlgorithm

Question 9: The most noteworthy effects shots were those that featured the digital removal of actor ________'s legs.
Gary SiniseAlan RickmanRaúl JuliáJack Lemmon

Question 10: The third movie to use this technology was Star Wars (1977) for the scenes with the wireframe Death Star plans and the targeting computers in the X-wings and the ________.
Millennium FalconDarth VaderHan SoloChewbacca

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