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Question 1: Compression artifacts occur in many common media such as DVDs, common computer file formats such as JPEG, MP3, or MPEG files, and Sony's ________ compression algorithm.
Free Lossless Audio CodecAdaptive Transform Acoustic CodingAdvanced Audio CodingAudio compression (data)

Question 2: Uncompressed media (such as on Laserdiscs, Audio CDs, and WAV files) or losslessly compressed media (________, PNG, etc.) do not suffer from compression artifacts.
Free Lossless Audio CodecCELTWavPackSpeex

Question 3: Artifacts are often a result of the latent errors inherent in ________.
Video codecAudio compression (data)Image compressionLossy compression

Question 4: The use of compression artifacts as a visual style, sometimes known as datamoshing, is produced by exploiting the way different ________ process motion and color information.
MPEG-1Audio compression (data)Video codecData compression

Question 5: Davis in collaboration with Paperrad, and more recently used by David OReilly and within music videos for ________ and Kanye West.
Aerial tramwayChairliftDetachable chairliftGondola lift

Question 6: Datamoshing is a technique of video editing employed in video art and ________ which deliberately exploits these compression artifacts.
Music videoVH1MTVThe Ed Sullivan Show


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