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Question 1: At high speeds the ________ could apply more torque than the Spitfire's thin wings could handle, and the entire wing would twist in the opposite direction.
AileronAircraft flight control systemFlap (aircraft)Elevator (aircraft)

Question 2: For instance, the ________ with its thick high-lift wing had a particular problem in high-speed dives that led to a nose-down condition.
P-38 LightningF-4 Phantom IIP-80 Shooting StarP-61 Black Widow

Question 3: This concept is important for specific storage, when estimating groundwater reserves in confined ________.
HydrogeologyAquiferHydraulic conductivityWater content

Question 4: The ________ and Mitsubishi Zero had the exact opposite problem in which the controls became ineffective.
Messerschmitt Bf 110Messerschmitt Bf 109Messerschmitt Me 410Messerschmitt Bf 109 variants

Question 5: The term "compressibility" is also used in thermodynamics to describe the deviance in the thermodynamic properties of a real gas from those expected from an ________.
Ideal gasStatistical mechanicsMaxwell–Boltzmann statisticsTemperature

Question 6: In the case of an ideal gas, the compressibility factor Z is equal to unity, and the familiar ________ is recovered:
Ideal gas lawVan der Waals equationStatistical mechanicsEntropy

Question 7: At the speed of sound the way that lift is generated changes dramatically, from being dominated by Bernoulli's principle to forces generated by ________.
Moving shockShock waveExplosive materialSun

Question 8: Geologic materials are made up of two portions: solids and voids (or same as ________).
Water contentHydraulic conductivityPermeability (earth sciences)Porosity

Question 9: In these cases, a generalized ________ or an alternative equation of state better suited to the problem must be utilized to produce accurate results.
Critical point (thermodynamics)Compressibility factorIdeal gas lawVan der Waals equation

Question 10: A similar problem affected some models of the ________.
Supermarine SpitfireSupermarine SeafireSupermarine Spitfire (early Merlin powered variants)P-51 Mustang


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